dum die

by Ben Rosenfield

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released February 18, 2017

Preformed by Ben Rosenfield, Sam Skinner, Nick Levine, Jesse Turits, & Nate Rosenfield
Produced by Sam Skinner and Ben Rosenfield
Engineered by Sam Skinner and Ben Rosenfield
Mixed & Mastered by Sam Skinner


all rights reserved



Ben Rosenfield New York, New York

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Track Name: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
stand clear of the closing doors
but don't ask why
or what for
come on baby wont you kiss my brain?
i think i'm going insane

now i got a question
do you want an answer?
cause i'll make exceptions
but i can't be your master

its so much fun
being young
being undone

i think i might've met you
maybe when we were kids
surprising i'd forget you
i guess i did

now i might be over
and i can't see through you
but i don't really mind
cause i got time
i got time
i got
Track Name: Red Light
some summer sun
and the blood was running hot
i was anything and everything I'm not

all of my time slipping from my hands onto the floor
i don't want it anymore

red light on the other side of the road
I've been told just to wait around
im gold and I'm growing old
so I'm cutting out now

i'll go
i know my way around
the poison that flows from my head to my toes
is boiling up
i haven't had enough
Track Name: Growing Old
i thought i knew everything about you
but you keep kicking over stones
and telling everyone about it
is this growing old?

the tall grass was waving goodbye
and i'll drive until there's nothing left to recognize

ill play that song that sounds just like you
to hold your place inside my head
now i'll forgive and forget you
yeah i see that fog around the bend
are we growing old?
is this growing old?
Track Name: Begin Again
i guess i'll begin again
did you mean it when you said you were dead?
no i don't mind hanging out
with the voices all around my head
now my friends are cutting out
its just you and me again

when you said you we're crazy
i didn't know that you meant it like that
its not that i really care
you're perfect and all of that
i think we'd better get out of here
if we're ever gonna make it back

i don't want to begin again
did you mean it when you said we were friends
no i don't mind hanging out
but i gotta know the difference
you say that you're held by fear
it's not welcome here
it's not welcome

now i know that you're crazy
and it really doesn't make me feel bad
cause i'm crazy too
tell me how do you feel about that?

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